Are you in need of marketing expertise?

Markedssjefene is a consulting firm delivering marketing for hire. Our service is tailored for companies in need of dynamic and flexible marketing resources.

At Markedsjefene, we offer a different solution to your marketing needs: Marketing for hire. Whether facing a sudden demand for marketing proficiency or requiring specialized skills, our team is prepared to step seamlessly into the role you need.

Our consultants are not just experts in marketing; they embody professionalism, a forward-thinking approach, and a collegial spirit. They are continuously working to stay updated on emerging trends, and can swiftly adapt to new challenges.

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What is marketing for hire?

This service provides much more than individual consultancy. With Markedssjefene you gain access to our entire department’s breadth of knowledge, perspectives, and skills. From marketing strategy and graphic design to content marketing, customer journeys, and PR – our consultants enrich your marketing mix with specialized expertise across all areas within marketing.

  • Strategy and marketing plan
  • Inbound marketing
  • Content marketing
  • Marketing automation
  • Website and webstore
  • Design
  • SEO and SEM
  • Performance marketing
  • Social media
  • Customer journey
  • Brand management
  • PR and communication

We can do one specific role in a fixed employment percentage, or assemble a complete marketing department with consultants who offer exactly the expertise you need.

You decide the scope and duration yourself.

  • Marketing Manager
  • Digital Marketer
  • Designer
  • CMO
  • Content Producer
  • Inbound Specialist
  • Brand Manager
  • Performance Manager
  • Web Specialist
  • Strategic Advisor

Why choose marketing for hire?

You can hire a marketing consultant to relieve your company when there is a lot to do, when you need to replace an employee, or when you need an expert in a specific field.

When you use marketing for hire, you can adjust the delivery and rotate resources according to your needs. Whether you need to strengthen your department or require additional expertise, marketing for hire is the solution.

5 reasons to choose marketing for hire:

  • You get quick access to critical marketing expertise
  • You get a flexible workforce, but stable and comprehensive marketing
  • You get marketers with an outside perspective – who work from the inside
  • You get increased quality of marketing and leads
  • You get a scalable solution with low risk

When is marketing for hire an appropriate solution?

Most marketing departments are busy, and as with all workplaces, unforeseen situations and periods of increased pressure can occur. In these situations marketing for hire can be an appropriate solution.

Such situations include, but are not limited to:

  • Transition periods until employment
  • Leave of absence and sick notices
  • Counseling, workshops and training sessions
  • Periods requiring a marketing team/periods with no internal marketing department
  • Campaign cycles and special projects
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